My Little Old Japanese Lady


For the past two nights I’ve been communing with/voicing this little old Japanese lady. Isn’t she so sweet? I wrote this copy a while back for an agency read at CESD. Last night I did a vocal workout at Voice Trax West with Artt Butler and warmed her up again, and tonight I stood in the booth for another agent (awesome guy who I want to sign me!) and pretended I was her again. Seeing an image of a character really helps me connect to their energy. It was a smaller audience tonight but the reaction to her was the same; they felt like there was a little old Japanese lady standing in the booth! This made me so happy.

I think back to doing mask work with Per Brahe, in a loft somewhere in Soho, where we used images he randomly distributed to a room full of actors — to create scenes. Tonight, watching Ken Burns’ THE ROOSEVELTS, I thought about how powerful photos are, especially in storytelling. I think it was some Native American tribe that believed every time you are photographed, you lose a bit of your soul.

I found this woman’s photo via a Google search. Whoever she is, she helped me create something that felt real, believable. I am grateful for her. And I love how I feel when I’m pretending to be her. She has such grace and wisdom. A smaller lung capacity than I do. Poorer eyesight. Her hands are wrinkled but they are deft, capable. She claps when something amuses her. She loves when people come to visit. She is an excellent judge of character. She is My Little Old Japanese Lady.

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