MAKING A MURDERER — how I would cast the film

So Mark and I obsessively binge watched the NETFLIX series MAKING A MURDERER over the weekend and cannot stop thinking/talking/googling about it.  Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi (the filmmakers) are my new heroes, along with the defense team made up of Dean Strang and Jerome Buting.  If you haven’t watched, please watch — if only these filmmakers had their own NEWS network…the world would be a better place.

I could pontificate on what moved me about the story and the forces at play, but if you’ve seen it, you know that already.  Instead, because I work in film, here are the actors that I would like to see in the film version of this story (someone else posted that the Coen Brothers should write the script and Cary Fukunaga should direct — yes yes yes).


Steven Avery:  Jonah Hill

Brendan Dassey:  Paul Dano

Brendan Dassey’s first lawyer:  William H. Macy

Brendan Dassey’s Mom:  Melissa Leo

Steven Avery’s Mom:  June Squibb

Steven Avery’s Dad:  Brian Dennehy

Theresa Halbach:  Olivia Thirlby

Ken Kratz:  Steve Carell

Lieutenant Lenk:  Mitch Pileggi

Sergeant Colburn:  Rob Corddry

Dean Strang:  Mark Ruffalo

Jerome Buting:  Corey Stoll

Judge:  Anthony Edwards







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