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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

One of them is to write, so I figured what better way to make that a reality than a new post?  It’s why I had a blog built into this site, and the truth is, I’ve been over thinking what qualifies as a worthy post.  All the writing stacked away in different files, folders, journals, and blogs has been giving me stress.  I need to organize it, re-write it, pitch it, figure out what sucks and what’s worth keeping.  But reading Stephen King’s ON WRITING over the holidays made me realize that all I need to be doing is reading and writing.  Let it be messy.  Write with the door closed like no one is watching.

Another resolution that keeps coming up is the one I think of each time I take Jamie’s spinning class at LA Fitness.  She is the kind of teacher who reads REALLY good quotes 3/4 the way through class (when all that blood moving oxygen to your brain makes good ideas feel electric).  She also works you really hard while playing AWESOME music.  She’s part disc jockey, part drill sergeant; she’s the spin instructor I dream of playing in a movie.  The thought I keep having, while sitting on my bike staring at my reflection amidst the strangers who are gym-familiar, is that I’m tired of feeling angry at my body.  Tired of punishing myself for a few pounds gained, or a pair of jeans that feel too tight, or lines on my neck, or flab on my arms.  Cheers to Lena Dunham for going on the cover of Glamour Magazine with un-airbrushed thighs, proudly displaying her cellulite (and her smarts) for the world to see.  I keep thinking about those thighs, and the power of cellulite.

Loving the books I’ve been reading, especially Melissa Bank’s THE GIRLS GUIDE TO HUNTING AND FISHING (thank you, Brita!).  So inspired by her honest prose, her unflinching look at her own insecurities and shortcomings, her portraits of family members, friends and lovers.  Read it in 2 short days and was sad when it ended.

The clock is telling me I have a window to get some of that good oxygen to my brain.  The stuff that makes me more patient with my daughter, my husband and myself.  I’m going to go get some, because I GET TO.  Hello 2017.  Hajimemashite.  So very pleased to make your acquaintance.


MAKING A MURDERER — how I would cast the film

So Mark and I obsessively binge watched the NETFLIX series MAKING A MURDERER over the weekend and cannot stop thinking/talking/googling about it.  Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi (the filmmakers) are my new heroes, along with the defense team made up of Dean Strang and Jerome Buting.  If you haven’t watched, please watch — if only these filmmakers had their own NEWS network…the world would be a better place.

I could pontificate on what moved me about the story and the forces at play, but if you’ve seen it, you know that already.  Instead, because I work in film, here are the actors that I would like to see in the film version of this story (someone else posted that the Coen Brothers should write the script and Cary Fukunaga should direct — yes yes yes).


Steven Avery:  Jonah Hill

Brendan Dassey:  Paul Dano

Brendan Dassey’s first lawyer:  William H. Macy

Brendan Dassey’s Mom:  Melissa Leo

Steven Avery’s Mom:  June Squibb

Steven Avery’s Dad:  Brian Dennehy

Theresa Halbach:  Olivia Thirlby

Ken Kratz:  Steve Carell

Lieutenant Lenk:  Mitch Pileggi

Sergeant Colburn:  Rob Corddry

Dean Strang:  Mark Ruffalo

Jerome Buting:  Corey Stoll

Judge:  Anthony Edwards