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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

One of them is to write, so I figured what better way to make that a reality than a new post?  It’s why I had a blog built into this site, and the truth is, I’ve been over thinking what qualifies as a worthy post.  All the writing stacked away in different files, folders, journals, and blogs has been giving me stress.  I need to organize it, re-write it, pitch it, figure out what sucks and what’s worth keeping.  But reading Stephen King’s ON WRITING over the holidays made me realize that all I need to be doing is reading and writing.  Let it be messy.  Write with the door closed like no one is watching.

Another resolution that keeps coming up is the one I think of each time I take Jamie’s spinning class at LA Fitness.  She is the kind of teacher who reads REALLY good quotes 3/4 the way through class (when all that blood moving oxygen to your brain makes good ideas feel electric).  She also works you really hard while playing AWESOME music.  She’s part disc jockey, part drill sergeant; she’s the spin instructor I dream of playing in a movie.  The thought I keep having, while sitting on my bike staring at my reflection amidst the strangers who are gym-familiar, is that I’m tired of feeling angry at my body.  Tired of punishing myself for a few pounds gained, or a pair of jeans that feel too tight, or lines on my neck, or flab on my arms.  Cheers to Lena Dunham for going on the cover of Glamour Magazine with un-airbrushed thighs, proudly displaying her cellulite (and her smarts) for the world to see.  I keep thinking about those thighs, and the power of cellulite.

Loving the books I’ve been reading, especially Melissa Bank’s THE GIRLS GUIDE TO HUNTING AND FISHING (thank you, Brita!).  So inspired by her honest prose, her unflinching look at her own insecurities and shortcomings, her portraits of family members, friends and lovers.  Read it in 2 short days and was sad when it ended.

The clock is telling me I have a window to get some of that good oxygen to my brain.  The stuff that makes me more patient with my daughter, my husband and myself.  I’m going to go get some, because I GET TO.  Hello 2017.  Hajimemashite.  So very pleased to make your acquaintance.


LISA’s BABY’s ADVICE — Winner BEST SCRIPTED FILM @100 Words Film Fest!

Wow!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post.  Just about a year, in fact.  In that time, Mark and I welcomed our daughter Grace into the world.  There have been so many times I’ve thought to myself:  I need to blog about this  — my labor story,  not getting any sleep as new parents, the highs and lows of breastfeeding/pumping, going back to work, stubborn baby weight, or being blown away that my body grew a baby…but amazingly, I never seemed to have any time.

Somehow, in the midst of all this life change, Anna Christopher and I managed to make more content together.  Truth be told, it wouldn’t have happened without Scott Galloway, who runs the 100 Word Film Festival in Charlotte, NC.  Last year, Scott screened 2 episodes of our web series LISA’s ADVICE and brought us to Charlotte as panelists (he brought Grace as well; I was 6 months pregnant!).  What are you submitting this year?  Scott asked us in May.  We were flattered and inspired — he likes us, he really likes us!  

anna & reggie holiday
You want more content?

Yes I had a new baby and was back to work, and yes Anna’s work schedule and writing deadlines were insane, but we needed to make something NEW.  We brainstormed tons of ideas:  additional characters to the world of LISA, a different location, etc.  But as the reality of our commitments set in, an idea started to take shape…what if two babies took the place of Lisa and her friend?  If babies could talk, what would their problems and advice be?

We enlisted the talents of Dominique Martinez, an amazingly talented Director of Photography (who also shot The Kitty Landers Show) and scheduled a day in September (around nap times) for principal photography.  My friend Jackie from babygroup brought her daughter Penelope  — along with their dog Oliver — over for the afternoon.  We filmed Penelope and Grace’s ‘play date’ and it went swimmingly!  Armed with loads of beautiful footage and 15 or so scenarios for funny episodes, Anna and I carved out a post schedule and meticulously reviewed our dailies, searching for the reactions and emotions to score our top ideas.

LISA's BABY's ADVICE: Seeing Color
LISA’s BABY’s ADVICE: Seeing Color

We submitted our top two installments to the 100 Words Film Festival and were accepted!  We couldn’t travel to Charlotte this year, but were thrilled to have our work on the big screen.

LISA's BABY's ADVICE: Getting Him Back
LISA’s BABY’s ADVICE: Getting Him Back

Imagine our surprise when Scott called to tell us that LISA’s BABY’s ADVICE had taken the top award for BEST SCRIPTED FILM (s)!  I have to say…I rather like shiny awards!



It’s especially sweet because the last time I held an award, it was with Anna & Dominique.  We won “Best Family Pilot” and I won “Best Actress” at the 2008 New York Television Festival for our live action children’s program, “The Kitty Landers Show.”  At the time, I poured every ounce of passion and all of my resources into the project.  Everyone was sure we’d sell it — but when that didn’t happen, I stayed disappointed for a long time.

Now, seven years later — I realize “Kitty Landers” connected me with Anna and Dominique — two of the most talented, funny, and professional people I’ve ever known.  We didn’t sell “The Kitty Landers Show ,” but we lit a fire — and every time we work together, it’s like rekindling that old flame.  It’s warm and fuzzy and feels GIGANTIC.

Anna Regina and Dom AFI fest
L to R: Anna Christopher, Regina Taufen & Dominique Martinez

If we hadn’t gone to New York and won our awards at NYTVF — I would have never met my husband Mark Odlum!  Gigantic, indeed.

Can’t wait to release these videos to the world…mark your calendars!  The first episode will go PUBLIC  at the LISA’s ADVICE CHANNEL on YouTube Tuesday December 1st.  If you like what you see, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!